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Beef or Salmon | The Show 2

03 November 2016

Thursday 3 November 2016 | 7pm
Studio 6
Free admission, booking is essential. Please book your ticket here.

A blank canvas. A white box.
Is the gallery truly neutral as these titles claim it to be?
Four oppressive white walls, draped with a contextual fabric. A heavy, yet invisible, cloth.

As performers we are the work of art, and thus face a bombardment of reputation and regality.
How can we endure the weight of influence yet still pursue originality?

In August 2015, through image, movement and sound, Beef or Salmon brought you ‘The Show’. This November they return with a fresh bag of ingredients to give you ‘The Show 2’, a performance to discuss the self-consciousness of art in the face of the gallery.

Beef or Salmon are an emerging performance art duo, recently shortlisted for the Cow House artist residency 2016.

Beef is a visual and performance artist based in Wexford. She studied BA Hons in Fine Art in the IT Carlow Wexford Campus College of Art and Design, and also at the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, graduating in 2015.

Salmon is a Cork based musician. A cellist, singer and choral conductor, she graduated this year from Cork School of Music. During her studies there, she was selected to represent Ireland at the IICS (Interdisciplinary Involvement in Community Spaces) collaborative programme in Izmir, Turkey 2014.

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